Laskie (Cheetahs): A matriarchal society with a close affinity to plants and animals. Their jungle is feared by most and revered by others as it is rumoured to contain the spirits of demons or deities depending on your belief. Home to many warrior women over the winters it has become a peaceful nations in which many of the old tribes have died off in favour of quiet village lives.




Bearlena (Bears): Ruled by the same king reincarnated over and over again; the land has endured and survived many hardships under his guidance. A hard people that have a high respect for fate and destiny and their place in the grander scheme of things, they are often inclined to follow when they are ordered without much thought or questioning of the reason.




Wolveka (Wolves): Often thought mad from the desert heat, the wolves appreciated their isolation. A mining country that has found much wealth in the sands beneath their feet, they hold little appreciation for money and care more for the simple things like water and shelter, both of which can be rare commodities. This is the real reason behind their assumed madness by the other lands. Therefore they are content to keep to themselves even when they are required to travel beyond their borders to trade. The most prized commodity of the Wolves is their princesses and the dowry that comes with their marriage.




Hicamaka (Horses): A society that has learnt the fine art of diplomacy. Avoiding invasion with immigration, the horses have found it easier to accept the people from other lands rather than risk becoming the other lands. The Kingdom has organised treaties with most of its neighbours however these are quickly ignored in times of war, so the kingdom enforces the training of its men as warriors, many of whom find the mercenary trade an easy calling.




Meca (Lions): Blessed by the goddess of luck the Lions have had several kings that have pulled them back from chaos and kept them relatively peaceful. However luck goes both ways and often the land has had greedy rulers who have turned their attention south to the Stags with slavery on their minds. The war with the Stags has gone on for so long, that both sides have been consumed with revenge for past atrocities. It will take an act of the gods to end this conflict.




Sanlaforbidan (Dragons): Home to the mysterious Desouzers; the dragons put much store in knowledge. Content to document the progression of the other lands rather than influencing them, most of the Desouzers retreated into hiding in Icedragon; a place that cannot be found unless you are already meant to be there. Meanwhile the dragons follow traditions and superstitions laid down centuries before content to remain in the ice and snow, so long as their fire-breathing friends stay close to keep them warm.




Adamia (Stags): The ultimate land of equality, where even the monarchy will muck in with the day to day work. The Stags enjoyed a harmonious lifestyle in a land of plenty, where everyone was encouraged to pursue their abilities and desires, until they were invaded by the Lions. Refusing to submit to slavery, the Stags have fought hard to hold onto their land and their freedom. Finding occasional relief with the union of a wiling prince and princess, the stags have found only temporary peace that last as long as the royal’s lives only to return to war once more. 




Talana (Snakes): The Talana began in Bearlena when thieves, murders and criminals gathered together and rose against the king. Their reign was brought to a halt with the Battle of Wasted Time and they were forced to scatter south and hide within Hicamaka. There they found other criminals willing to join them and they rose up again, invading not only Bearlena, but the Laskie and Meca too. The lands rose up against them and they were routed for a second time in the Assassin’s Conquest. Most were imprisoned and the Talana seemed entirely defeated, but they merely bided their time. After fifteen winters, they tried again to carve out their own land this time attacking the Dragons and gaining a foothold over several towns from Nowheredaeth to Veecanein. Pressing hard upon the Dragons; the Talana hope to draw out the Desouzers and release their imprisoned goddess as prophesized by Gwynmaya, leader of the Desouzers.