The Almighty was a fickle god who pushed humans to their limits to make them stronger.


Once he captured Quinky, the god of water, and stole his gift from all the known land. Convinced that this was the end and that the Almighty’s mother walked beside them one group ran into the desert and became lost. They found mines of gold and gems, but water has remained elusive to them, skewing their view on what is important. Sometimes they find their way out of the desert, but they find themselves too different to the outside world to ever stay away from home long. These are the wolves.


Many women blamed their men, the images of the Almighty for his actions and followed the setting sun to the end of the world. Meeting new animals, they learned to live with nature and accept the guidance of the spirits of the forest around them. These became the Cheetahs, people of the Laskie.


Many families lost their homes and villages to the fear of others, searching for water and plants. Saneckmarna who was believed to have been touched by the good god Purycarma guided them south. He led them beyond the mountains where a new land was being created. Calaw and Gorsin walked together, sharing life with the dirt beneath their feet. Many people were weak from injuries and decided to stay behind with Hecarma, the god of good health, as Saneckmarna continued to lead his people east. These became the people of Hicamaka.


Purycarma and his sister Lucarma followed Saneckmarna and what was left of his people until he reached the Edge. They settled here and became the Lions of Meca. Meanwhile Decarma had watched her son act foolishly and forced him to let Quinky go. Quinky changed the Edge into a beautiful ocean and lead Saneckmarna across to an island. Upon the island, Chilcarma, the goddess of children blessed Saneckmarna and his wife became pregnant. Saneckmarna ruled over his people for many years with the help of Purycarma and his wife, Jucarma lady of justice. His children grew and died for a century, but then one in his line named Jeit came to power. In this winter, the people of Meca had plunged themselves into civil war as land seemed to become sparse and people became greedy. Since Jeit was born he had heard Warnacarma, the god of war, whispering in his ear of a land far across the sea where people lived in peace. Misinterpreting the god, Jeit assumed that he wanted Jeit to enslave these people and so he sailed across the sea to do battle.  Jucarma warned the Stags, the people of this land, of a coming ship.  Skycarma, the god of weather, also tried to turn the ship around with heavy storms. Jeit believing he was following his gods’ wishes never gave up and so since that day the people of Meca and the Stags have been in and out of war. Warnacarma has never got the rest he required and consequently is dying from being overworked. The only one who can save him is the Golden Heart. For if the war is ended he may heal himself but if it isn’t and he dies then war with purpose will end and true chaos will descend upon all of Namneania.


After the effects of Almighty’s capture of Quinky, on Namneania; the deities agreed to stop interfering with the lands and leave the people to their fate. Ignoring this decision, Talana continued to create her new creatures turning many of them vicious and powerful. Fearing the creatures would overrun Namneania; the other gods combined with the mystical Desouzers and imprisoned Talana.


Still connected to the world through her high priest, Talana seeks her freedom and her revenge through the Desouzers’ own prophecies which were scattered across the seven lands. Some lost, other’s misinterpreted, but all pointing to an aspect of the final fate of Talana, Warnacarma and all the others connected to Namneania.