V.C. Rose started writing at the age of fourteen when she envisioned a warrior woman perched upon a thatched roof: waiting. V.C started writing about the woman and found that one paragraph became one chapter; became one book; became one series; became one world: Namneania.


 By the time she entered university, V.C dreamed of spending her days writing; but her father’s practicality convinced her to find a day job and so she graduated with a degree in Applied Chemistry and a position as a lab rat on a mine site.


Several years and two children later, V.C has returned to Namneania and began rewriting the series from an older perspective. Here is a taste of the world that fills her mind.


If there is any other information you wish to find out about Namneania, please feel free to fill in the contact form below and V.C will endeavor to extract a response.


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